Cooperation: Emslandmuseum Schloss Clemenswerth

Combine your visit to Brühl Palaces with a visit to the Hunting Lodge Clemenswerth!
Save 50% on admission fee to Brühl Palaces Augustusburg and Falkenlust by presenting your regular adult-ticket bought at Clemenswerth – and vice versa.

Hunting Lodge Clemenswerth – Star of the Emsland
Having been a passionate huntsman Cologne´s elector and archbishop Clemens August was engaged in all kinds of hunting. The area surrounding his Brühl Palaces was ideal for falconry. But he also enjoyed hunting “parforce” which is coursing. Perfectly suitable for this kind of hunt was the so-called “Hümmling” – a wooded area in the Emsland (Lower Saxony), also under his rule for him having been Bishop of Münster. In order to chase down mighty deer in the forests, he ordered the construction of large alleys pointing together like a star. It is here at the heart of this unique “hunting star” that the lovely hunting lodge Clemenswerth exists to this present day.

Emslandmuseum Schloss Clemenswerth