How to get to Brühl Palaces

Don’t miss a visit to the charming palaces and their gardens in Brühl when visiting Cologne and Bonn on Rhine River. Getting to Brühl either by public transport or by car is really easy.

Augustusburg Palace

By train:
Take the train Köln/Cologne – Bonn using the Deutsche Bahn AG (RB 48, RE 5) or the MittelrheinBahn train (MRB 26) all the way to Brühl station. From there, it is a five minutes’ walk to Augustusburg Palace.

By tram:
Starting from Cologne or Bonn, you can also take the tram 18 (KVB/SWB) to Brühl-Mitte and then continue about 800 metres walking to Augustusburg Palace.

By road:
Arriving by car or bus will take you

  • either via the Autobahn A 555 (Köln/Cologne – Bonn) until you reach exit Godorf/Brühl or
  • via Autobahn A 61 (Koblenz – Mönchengladbach) and all the way to Bliesheim.

From there, continue via the A 553 until you reach the exit Brühl-Ost/Wesseling.
Once within Brühl follow the signs to “Augustusburg”.

Destination GPS Augustusburg Palace
Parkplatz Max-Ernst-Allee, 50321 Brühl

Hunting Lodge Falkenlust
Destination GPS Hunting Lodge Falkenlust
Schloss Falkenlust, An Schloss Falkenlust, 50321 Brühl
Please note:
The Hunting Lodge is not connected to public transport. The walk through the picturesque gardens and park of Augustusburg palace takes about 30 to 40 minutes, the distance between the two palaces is 2,5 kilometres.
Going there by car, please follow the signs “Falkenlust” once within Brühl.

For cyclists:

Please use the cycle path along “Rheinstraße”,  turn off at “Otto-Wels-Straße” and follow the signs to “Schloss Falkenlust”. Cycling through the park of Augustusburg Palace is not permitted.